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Acupuncture Meridian Pen - Electric Pain Relief Massage Tool

Acupuncture Meridian Pen - Electric Pain Relief Massage Tool

Acupuncture Meridian Pen - Electric Pain Relief Massage Tool

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Electric Pain Relief Massage Tool

Electric Acupuncture Pen features the fusion of modern biotechnology with meridian therapy. This high quality massage tool is good for health promotion. Acupuncture with electric magnet therapy without piercing the skin. Portable and simple operation. Safe and effective with no side effects. Affordable family use.





HTB1ouh3X6zuK1Rjy0Fpq6yEpFXaPElectric Acupuncture Pen Specifications

Type: Massage Pen Power: 1 x AA Battery (Not Included) Main Color: Silver Material: Magnet, Alloy Features: Magnet Therapy, Health Promotion, Modern Biotechnology Size: 20cm x 3cm/7.87" x 1.18" (Approx.)

Please Note: The Electronic Acupuncture Pen uses electrical pulses to stimulate acupuncture points and activate cells. To generate the electrical pulse the current's positive and negative poles must be turned on. The pen is a monopole current (the nib) output, so the other pole current should be conducted by hands forming circumfluence with the nib of the Electronic Acupuncture Pen so that it will produce an electrical pulse. It is normal to feel a little numbness in the holding hand as this is how the meridian pen works and is not a quality problem. In the current return process, depending on the size of the hands' resistance value, the strength you feel will be a little different. Young people or healthy people will feel a little stronger pulse while elderly or those in poor health will feel a weaker pulse.

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