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Glowing Fiber Optic LED Shoe

Glowing Fiber Optic LED Shoe

Glowing Fiber Optic LED Shoe

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Unisex USB Chargeable Luminous Shoes for Festivals & Christmas Parties

  • Cool & Fashionable shoes with New design and technology that light up shoes with 7 different glowing colors and 4 flashing modes. These trendy cool LED sneakers are eye-catching and will light up your feet. Demonstrate your sense of style at festivals, parties, performances and concerts.
  • Unique Comfortable Material: The sole of this LED shoe is made of soft EVA material and is lightweight with withstand high abrasion. Durable EVA sole and fiber optic mesh material is soft and comfortable and can provide a good buffer for your feet, keeping them cool and dry when walking.
  • Innovative Design: This fiber optic led light shoe has a Hidden Switch Button inside the strap on the heel. The hidden button will not affect your comfort and can easily be accessed for charging. USB charging for 2-3 hours will keep the lights working for 5-8 hours (Working period differs from different light-up mode).
  • Ventilation & Breathability: The insole and uppers of this fiber optic shoe is made of Breathable Mesh.
  • PLEASE kindly refer to the Shoe Size CHART below. Before Placing Your Order. Any SIZE Exchange Buyer will Pay for all SHIPPING CHARGES.

  • The On/Off switch is hidden inside the pull strap on the back of the heel. Press the red button to turn on the light and change the lighting modes. Press the same button and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the light. 


  • Please charge the shoes 1-3 hours before use.
  • Power duration per charge: 5-8 hours (different modes consume power differently).
  • In order not to damage the charging port, please insert USB cable with care and correctly into charging port.
  • When charging, a weak red light indicates that the shoe is charging. Do not turn on the lights during the charging process.
  • When the shoes are fully charged, the shoes will automatically turn on a lightless mode.


  • Before cleaning the shoes, make sure that the battery is Fully Exhausted.
  • Use a WET towel to Clean the Uppers. For Stained or Dirty Spots, use a wet sponge with light soapy water or a brush to clean stains and then put the shoes in a well-ventilated area to dry. 
  • Please NEVER IMMERSE the shoes IN WATER or in a Washing Machine or Dryer.
  • Please DO NOT use LED shoes as Professional Running Shoes.
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