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Regular price $688.00USD

Rare NFT from Gregory & Angie Burns' CONTEMPLATE collection, limited edition only.

This artwork is a husband and wife collaboration merging Gregory’s painting and Angie’s photography!

Rare NFTs

  • Original Color Tone
  • Artists Signature & Chop

This Rare piece is offered at a discounted price of USD 688 but will revert to USD 1,238 during the official launch end of this week. Hurry and get it now!

What it means for Collectors & Buyers 

Buyers or collectors can establish the uniqueness of the work supported by a verifiable ownership history and transaction values. This allows them to make a more informed decision on the Artwork on display, including its user interest in an open marketplace. Having a verifiable and tamper-proof ownership record would also mean better resale opportunities without being constrained by re-establishing the work's authenticity. Several points of consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Verifiable Ownership of Artwork
  • Financially support the Artists you like
  • Track of historical transactions to validate the value
  • Provable provenance of the Artwork (Physical or Digital)

What it means to Artists

With NFTs, every Artist can stamp their signatures on their works in a tamper-proof manner, thus avoiding any misrepresentation or future issues of creative rights over their works. Further, it also supports them to know the sale history of their works and track provenance for any unclaimed royalties for the created works.

More importantly, for Digital Artists, it allows them to mark their original creation without compromising its true value potential given its medium of display.

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