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Electric Pulse Neck Massager & Electrode Patches

Electric Pulse Neck Massager & Electrode Patches

Electric Pulse Neck Massager & Electrode Patches

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httpae01.alicdn.comkfH81e591bca72a406baa0d7e4990acc79ap.jpgwidth=800&height=1145&hash=1945httpae01.alicdn.comkfH2088aeaad5b34e099b1995c175062d70q.jpgwidth=800&height=902&hash=1702Electric Pulse Neck Massager & Electrode Patches  

  • Please insert 2 pcs AA batteries
  • Turn the power button on. 
  • Press "ON" button. You will check the indicator display in "RED”
  • Put the neck massager around your neck.
  • Press the button "High" until you feel an electric pulse.

This device uses electric current to stimulate and massage muscles. There are 6 modes in total and 15 strengths. When the intensity is low the electric current will not be noticeable. Once the intensity reaches a certain level then you will feel an electric pulse.

REMINDER please increase the current level if you do not feel the pulse.


  • 6 different massage methods: relaxing massage mode, hot cupping mode, scraping mode, pound massage mode, acupuncture mode, manipulation mode.

  • 3D smart technology can easily be adjusted to fit the curve of the neck and other body parts ie. thigh and arm etc.

  • Electric pulse can balance the nervous system, improve oxygen supply, micro-circulation and tissue cell nutrition.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse Magnetic Therapy Multifunctional Physiotherapy Pain Relief Massager.
    Personal massager, small and portable, massage anytime anywhere.


Application: Neck
Material: ABS
Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
Electric impulse frequency: 0-1000Hz
Electric impulse width: 20-400μs

  1. Pulses  frequency: 0Hz - 1000Hz
  2. Pulse width: 20us -400us
  3. Power: 3VDC30mA
  4. With 6 kinds of mode
  5. With 16 kinds of strength
  6. Main function: using Electronic pulse massager to relax neck
  7. Power supply: 2 x AA dry cell   Can use 7 hours continuously

Package includes

  • 1 x Neck Massager Device or 1 x Neck massager Device with Two Patches
  • 1 x  English manual
  • No Retail Box


  1. Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
  2. Due to the different display and different light,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

The product is a physiotherapy product. Depending on the individual's physical condition, the effect will vary. After use, some people may feel a slight tingling sensation. Please don’t buy if you mind!

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