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Gregory Burns: Body Mind Soul (BMS) NFT Art Collection



Gregory Burns is an internationally recognized fine artist and world-class athlete. After 30 years of painting, across 4 continents, he has received critical acclaim in a dozen countries and the 2016 Sports Artist of the Year Award. His paintings were featured in the 2021 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games. He set four world records in swimming during three Paralympic Games.

Gregory has launched three distinctive series of NFTs, which represent:


BODY the Gregory Burns Sports Art Collection: Lift Series 2021-2022 is a collection of 13 artwork NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that depicts athletes’ journey and experiences in the chase to obtain the glory of the 5 rings. Each artwork describes the different emotions and personalities developed by athletes due to the experiences and challenges they face and overcome in their journey to qualify for the Olympics, as well as competing among the best in the world for victory on the global stage. This collection represents Gregory’s Paralympic experiences and the spirit of competing with resolve and maximal effort, while also developing respect among competitors, which portrays the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect. Gregory believes strongly that we all need to embrace sports in order to maintain a full and active life. 

MIND the Gregory Burns Mindfulness Art Collection: is a collection of 99 artwork NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that depicts a tranquil view of nature. Each artwork depicts a small bird embraced by a soothing environment, which promotes a sense of beauty and calm. This collection represents Gregory’s ongoing efforts to bring himself into the present moment and appreciate all that life and nature offers. We do well to center ourselves so that we can be the best version of who we are.

SOUL the Gregory Burns Hearts Art Collection: is a collection of 98 artwork NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that depicts two hearts joined together as one. Each artwork depicts two hearts in various fun situations with different emotions and personalities. This collection represents Gregory’s belief that when two people join together as one, they experience a balance of opposites with each heart supporting the other. Gregory believes that when we join our hearts with good intentions, we can help others to be and do their best.

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