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Gregory Burns: BODY MIND SOUL (BMS) NFT Opportunity & Vision


NFTs has been around since around 2014 but got mainstream media attention with the recent sensational news of high priced transactions, example Everydays: the First 5000 Days. NFTs in various forms (digital art, music, film etc) appeal to different people for any reason.

Among the universe of NFTs, the Gregory Burns Body, Mind & Soul NFT Art Collection project is designed to captivate the hearts of the NFT owners through story, passion, purpose and art.



Gregory Burns: BODY MIND SOUL (BMS) NFT Art Collection

Why are we doing this?

The visions for the Gregory Burns Body, Mind and Soul Art Collection Series are to:

  1. Expand awareness & recognition of his sports artwork.
  2. To further grow the Gregory Burns brand of artwork & its community of followers and art collectors.
  3. Potentially have Gregory Burns artwork featured on merchandise like bags & t-shirts.
  4. Potentially create more special art for charitable purposes and work with charities.
  5. Raise awareness for people with disabilities, representing 15% of the world’s population, as an equal and important segment of society and the workforce.

How are we going to get it done?

 To achieve these visions, the Gregory Burns Body, Mind & Soul NFT Art Collection has to be developed:

  • With a larger following and community of fans & collectors to register greater recognition & exposure in the art industry.
  • Through the release of its 1st series, which will comprise paintings in different variations, with each variation depicting a meaning and story behind it.
  • Future collaboration to develop integrated NFT collections with other artists, influencers, companies, charities and organizations.


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